24 Apr

last week we learned about wizIQ. we can easily learn and share our knowledge via wizIQ. It very useful both students and teachers. Students can attend online courses created by teachers. ınviting our friends and learning online together supports cooperative learning for students. There are a lot of tools in it which we need to teach online as teachers. we can create online courses and use virtual classroom to deliverr live online classes. so i liked it, it is another enjoyful and useful program for both teachers and students. 

Ninecent and Dokeos

16 Apr

Last week I couldn’t attend the class, unfortunately because I visited my family. 🙂 But,as far as I learned from my friends’ posts we covered ninecent and dokeos. I learned that they are used for creating an online classroom. we can learn from these websites and we can share our knowledge with orthers. Creating an online classroom is very nice because we are not depend on a classic class. there must be flexibility in learning in need.

Participating that lesson would be very beneficial for me, but I missed it. In every call lesson we learn new, technological and interesting things. ı like learning about new websites and programs which are very useful for us as teachers. Technology is improving constantly and rapidly, so there are many useful  teaching tools on the internet. Why dont we learn and use them. To become a modern teacher we should update ourself as much as possible like computers. 🙂


10 Apr

Last lesson we learned about prezi and practice a few things. That was the first time I heard about it. I realy liked it. It seems enjoyful. We can use it for presentation, and it is different from a classic and boring powerpoint presentation. It’s visual aids are very effective. There are 3D prezies and I like them especially. Even preparing a presentation is fun in prezi. I will certainly use this in my classes for teaching because I believe it will make our lessons effective, enjoyful and permanent. Also we can prepare our presentation coporatively, and share our ideas and knowledge. It is also printable like a powerpoint. There is an disadvantage about prezi that we need internet connection to prepare it and edit it, if we do not download it. And, to download it, we must paid for it. Lucikly, there is a free application on the internet. 🙂 I like free things, everybody likes them. So, surely I will use it :))

Reflection of 3rd Week

15 Mar

Dear course diary, 

This week I learned “wiki”. It means quick, super fast. As far as I understand, it can be change by everyone easly because it is a mutual page. Namely it is not so reliable. 

We also learned colaborative writing through PB works. It was enjoyable and interesting. I liked it. It is a very useful program which I can use in teaching. It is a bit similar with station technique in teaching methods and techniques. There is a work which is completed by more than one student. Each student adds someting to the production, so all of them participate the activity, and also group members share their knowledge as well as understanding each other. 

We also created our own PB works account in this week. I have also a PB account now. How wonderful! 🙂 Learning new and technological things is really nice. I fell myself updated. 😀


Are we in control of our decisions??

15 Mar

In this video Dan Ariely tells about two story which he came across. He mentions about peoples who thinks their profits, and act or speak with you according to them. They can do that consciously or unconsciously and we cannot see them always. Dan Ariely finishes his talk with a positive opinion that if we understand our mistakes that they are where or when, we have always a chance to fix them.

Reflection of Second Week

13 Mar

Last lesson I learned that we have different homeworks. I haven’t known anything about a blog, or writing a post on it, and adding a video. I learned about them partly. I createda gmail adress at the first time. Because of the crowdness and cause of noise, I had a bit difficulty to understand what we should do. Nevertheless one of the my best friend helped me. She showed me what we were going to do.

I think that we souldnt ask every question to the teacher because he cannot answer all the students’ questions at the same time, surely. As interupting the teacher’s speech, we cannot learn anything correctly. In spite of this, we can help and share information with each other as responsible learners.

The tasks are nice, and the lesson is useful, but I have an important problem at doing these tasks. I don’t have internernet and finding it is not easy everytime. I think it is time to get a vınn… 🙂